Dallas prides itself on providing reports which are structured around the clients requirements.
All the information which is gathered on site is digitised into our database.
This database forms the basis of all a clients reporting requirements.

All reports are formulated via our dedicated SQL Server Database.
Reports are generated via the standardised Crystal Reports format.
All reports are adaptable and can be customised to suit a clients needs.

Quotations, Job Orders and Invoicing are all handled electronically and are directed electronically as required.
Formatting of these general reports can be adapted to our client's requirements.

Reports are generated quarterly for distribution.
Additional reports can be provided on request.

Asset Report

The Asset Report itemises all assets on site. The report includes the following:

  • Type of Asset
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Serial No
  • Location
  • Name

  • Modifications to the Asset Report include:

  • Expected remaining life of the asset
  • Repairs / modifications required for asset

  • Work History Report

    The Work History Report provides a complete record of all activities conducted on site.

    The report includes the following:

  • Date
  • Purchase Order No
  • Client Request
  • Works Conducted
  • Invoiced Amount

  • Modifications to the Work History Report include:

  • Work history by asset

  • Budget Analysis

    Separately to our database reporting, we also provide a budget analysis of the mechanical services work on site.
    The budget analysis is a formulated database which analysis's both past and future financial expenditure.
    The analysis is tailored to the project by scheduling in future works so as they are performed inside a client's budget.
    This method of analysis enables us to work with our clients to ensure budgets are kept and realistic budgets can be forecast.
    The budget analysis is reviewed on a monthly basis to enable decisions to be made before expenditure increases above budgets.
    The budget analysis also provides flexibility so as to conform to a client specific reporting format.

    What does our client define as Cap Ex, R & M, and Tenant Costs?