As technical specialists Dallas thrives on achieving smart solutions for its clients.

What exactly is the fault?
Why did the fault occur?
How do we fix the fault?
What do we do to minimise or eliminate the chance of the fault reoccurring?
How do we best keep our client updated with the progress of the job?

With the above philosophy in mind, we strive to return the air conditioning system back to its original design intent.
Our experience has identified that buildings are most often designed correctly, but are then either not commissioned correctly or through poor service and maintenance not operating to the original design intent.
Our approach to service involves considering the systems original design intent and then identifying why the building is experiencing problems.
When the building is returned to operate to its design, most often the problems being experienced are rectified.
If a building is operating as per design, but still experiencing problems, we consider how to alter the design in a cost effective manner to successfully rectify the problem.
Our technicians are trained in design related issues so as they can assess a fault with a building in a logical manner.
Dallas endeavours to debunk the mystery of air conditioning and return to the science and the basic principles.
As a company our expertise enables us to perform the following scope of works:

  • Chiller fault finding
  • Compressor rebuilds and replacements
  • Control strategy, modifications, upgrades and replacements
  • Electric motor and pump replacements
  • Refrigeration system alterations
  • Switchboard repairs and upgrades
  • Air & Water Balancing

    Alfa Laval

    Dallas specialises in all aspects of plate heat exchanger servicing including:
  • onsite cleaning
  • acid cleaning
  • ┬áre-gasketing
  • total rebuilds
  • With access to Alfa Laval performance audit tools, Dallas can also provide advice on increasing the efficiency of your heat exchangers which can translate into potential savings in ongoing maintenance and energy costs on your sites.